About us

Sam’s Woodfired Pizzas is a proud local business, here to bring a new quality to Victorian events. Versatile with our unique mobile wood oven, Sam’s Woodfired Pizzas is the caterer for all community events – parties, fetes, functions and large scale events. Impress your invitees with a taste of Sam’s Woodfired Pizzas.

Sam’s passion for woodfired pizzas is the core of our identity. Each pizza is a performance of the freshest of ingredients. Our pizza dough has been skilfully developed with love, time and passion. Each recipe has been trialled repeatedly until its crisp base and vivacious flavours have captivated us; enabling us to promise to you the true quality of traditional Italian pizza with each bite of our masterpieces.

Here at Sam’s, we cater to everyone with mouthwatering alternatives: we serve savoury, vegetarian, gluten-free and dessert pizzas. 

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